Feed back *UPDATED*

As of right now I have 100% positive feedback! :D
Here is my feedback from my old store on LJ silph_co_goods and ebay:

If I have sold something to you, if we traded, or if you have bought something from me, or my store silph_co_goods (now closed), please make sure you leave me feed back here *with the following (updated :3):

What item(s) you bought/ item(s) you sold me/ item(s) traded
Rating: X/5
Additional comments


<3eidolon_nights SALES/TRADES/WANTS<3

I am really interested in selling and trading right now so if you don't have anything from my wants I don't mind selling :3

 Questions on items and request for more pics? Please feel free to go right on ahead and ask! :D

Some feedback about me:


First, some terms to read over:

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My Wants:

Common Cards:

Rare/Uncommon/Promo/Japanese Cards:

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Looking to buy Pinky Street Figures (+anything inter changeable)

I think this will be my first REALLY non related pokemon post, but if anyone has any Pinky Street figures/pieces they are trying to get rid of, please let me know! OR, if you live in Japan and could do a store run for me and tell me how much it would be, I would love to hear from you!!! <3


I am specifically looking for this one in the box here if possible!

Looking for...

Hey'a peeps, just posting some things I am looking for these mainly trades since I am soooo broke right now ;A; lol

Kids: Wailord, Glaceon, Raichu, Mew on its back, emolga, Zorua, dittochu

Plushies: Raichu, Emolga, Pansear, Wailord, Duskull, dittochu

Cards: Gold Star Charizard, Pyschic Arceus, Fighting Arceus

Well, you can check out the rest on my wants list but just thought I should update my journal with SOMETHING lol XD

Pokemon SNAP!

 I FREAKING LOVE POKEMON SNAP! My boyfriend norxbic bought it on his wii and I started playing last night and I freaking love it! I want to play it sooooo bad right now! Lol! XD 

Got some new cards like a shiny suicune promo and a frosslass holo. So this reminded me of a question...did they ever make a frosslass plush? I so want it if they did make one XD
oshawott KO


 So apparently I AM going to be a juror for jury duty. I got called for jury duty even though I am not a registered voter, how did it happen? My dad registered me behind my back and now I am on a jury! Oh and guess what? I DONT GET PAID. And, my job wont cover me for the days I am gone. Yes the job I JUST GOT! I havent even worked there for 2 weeks and already I have to take another week off! But I am still working at night, so when I am not on the jury I am at work! And my boyfriend that has been gone for so long that I have not seen in 2 months JUST got back and now all my free time will be at work or in jury duty so I wont get to see him for the next few weeks! Oh and not only that but because of all this (work and jury duty) I DONT GET TO GO TO FANIME THIS YEAR! And to top it all off I just now I found out that the grail of grails that I have been hunting for for YEARS that I was actually going to be getting is no longer going to be sent to me.  B(  


Home and slightly annoyed (QUESTION)

Sorry I have not posted in a while on my LJ but I am indeed home from LA and boy did I have lots of fun things waiting for me in the mail when I got back!!
So the reason I am slightly annoyed is because I am in the midst of trading with 3 people who never seem to end what cards they want/have and our trade started over a month ago! I am getting tired of holding all these cards and waiting on edge to find out weather or not I will even be getting the cards I REALLY need to help come closer to finishing my collection. I am begining to wonder if they decide not to trade if that would allow me to leave negative feed back for backing out in the middle of a trade since it took them soooo long to tell me they no longer wanted to trade. I mean if it was all at once a "I think I will pass" it would not be a big deal but to have a trade go on for more than a month then they decide to back out, I think I have the right to leave negative feedback, what do you think? Let me know!


So yeah, I am going out of town! If you need me please feel free to contact me just keep in mind that I wont get back to you asap like I usually do. I will be able to reply on my phone (kinda) but I wont be able to take pics of any items or anything like that. But I will be back in like a week. :3

GRAILS! & going out of town

I got sooo much awesome stuff in the mail today! I got a few grails too! I still have things coming in the mail so I am waiting until I get back from out of town to do a MAJOR collection update. :3
So yeah thats part two of this post, I will be going out of town this upcoming Wednesday until Tuesday. So I will be posting reminders about it until I leave. :3